Personal Shopper

Do you have trouble making the right combinations? Don't you have enough time to shop? Do you waste a lot of time shopping without a result? Do you waste money on outfits you never wear? Does nothing seem to fit you? Do you have an important event coming up and nothing to wear? Don't you like shopping alone?


During a personal shop session, we go shopping together, we get some inspiration and we follow up on new trends. I'll show you which combinations are beautiful and what amazing outfits suit you. I definitely take into account the colour advice (cool-warm, light-dark, bright-damped-mixed), your body type and of course your needs; I will ask you some questions to get to know you better (budget, preference stores, personal style, ...).

You can make combinations with cloths you already have and we can also look for the missing "must-haves". Clothes you'll never wear belong to the past!

That dream wardrobe is another step closer!

The budget and location? You decide that yourself.


Price: 50€ per hour + 0.50€/km


Would you like more information or do you want to sit together to discuss things? You can always contact me freely.



* Customised shopping: - Bridal shopping

                                         - Suite in 1 colour

                                         - Shopping for party outfit

                                         - Shopping for lingerie 


* Style coaching:             - Home (wardrobe screening + assembling new combinations from the pieces you      already have)

                                         - shopping (wardrobe screening + shopping for new items)


* Make-over:                   - Hairdresser, clothes, makeup